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Here you'll find some links to other websites. Epping Primary School is not responsible for the content of these websites. Remember, if anything upsets you or makes you feel uncomfortable tell an adult.

Please see our Online Safety page for more advice on using internet with your child.

The Hour of Code

Try an hour of coding - no experience needed.
The Hour of Code UK 


CBBC Stay Safe



ICT Literacy Games Key Stage 1

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 1 Literacy

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2 Literacy



ICT Maths Games Key Stage 1

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 1 Maths

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2 Maths



CBeebies Games

CBBC Games

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 1 All Subjects

BBC Bitesize Key stage 2 All Subjects

Woodlands Junior School Homework Help

ICT Topic Games