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Friends of Epping Primary School

The Friends Of Epping Primary School

The Friends organise several events throughout the year and work very hard in order to raise money to provide additional resources to benefit the children. Past events have included the quiz night, ladies night, fashion show, sponsored walk, Summer Fete, children's entertainer and Christmas Fayre. These were all well attended and very popular events, both for adults and children.

Joining the Friends is a great way to meet other parents and develop friendships as you work together. Meetings are very social and everybody is welcome to come and help us plan, agree and organise our various activities. Volunteering at events also enables you to become more familiar with the school and its staff.

The Friends Aims and Objectives

  • Improve Epping Primary School for our children
  • Fundraise for money to provide the school with additional resources and equipment
  • Create fun events and activities to enhance school life and build community spirit
  • Act as a social network, encouraging parents and carers across the school to form friendships and navigate school life together

For lots more please see the Friends Aims and Objectives

The Friends Committee

The committee comprises volunteers who take on specific roles, however, as a parent/carer of a child in the school you automatically become a member. All parents/carers are encouraged to become involved in any way they can.

Any interest from potential new committee members is always welcome as all positions are up for election every year.

A profile of each role is available here: Friends Committee Role Profile

Please see our Friends News Section to see what we have been up to!


Chair: Louise Warren 
Secretary: Natalie Self-Pierson 
Treasurer: Hannah McCann

Ordinary Members
Iain Moran
Rafaela Brier
Lizann Rose
Darren Rose 
Charmaine Beaumont-Hammond
Chris Beaumont-Hammond
Charlotte Thompson-Lillie
Carlie Lloyd
Emma MacMahon
Amy Winehouse




What is happening?

Events are constantly organised throughout the year and are announced via letters in pupil's book bags, posters, on the dates and events page and on the Friends News page. Please look out for details. The Friends work very closely with the teaching staff to decide the best way to spend any money raised. You can be assured that all money collected is spent wisely and is of great benefit to the pupils and school.

How you can support

All parents can support the Friends of Epping Primary School whether it is by becoming a fully involved member of The Friends, becoming a Class Representative or simply by attending the events. Without the Friends, there would be no events for either the parents or children, which would be a great shame as they are a fundamental part of the school year.

Anyone who feels that they could help out at any event in any way would be more than welcome as extra help is always appreciated.

More information

If you are interested in becoming involved in any way then please contact Hannah McCann (Chair) or any of the Friends via your class teacher or the school office.