Epping Primary School

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Vision and Values

A few years ago we reviewed our vision and values with feedback from pupils, parents/carers and staff. We found lots of common threads. We all love our school and support the endeavours to constantly improve. We all want to be in a safe and caring environment. We all want our pupils to learn and receive lots of opportunities at school.

After careful consideration we have put them together in our Vision Wheel.

We believe these sum up everything that is distinctive, important and special about our school.

Our Vision Wheel

The vision of Epping Primary School is...

EPS Vision Wheel

This wheel represents our on-going vision for all members of our school community and underpins everything we do.

Our Values

Dream – We will encourage and facilitate aspiration and ambition for every person in our learning community       

Believe – We will create a learning environment which develops everybody’s  confidence and faith in their own abilities. 

Achieve – We will teach and support everyone to strive for excellence through effort, knowledge, skill and courage. 

Our Motto

Dream, Believe, Achieve