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Prospective Parents - September 2023 

For children starting school in September 2024

All our school tours are now finished.  Please email tours@eppingprimary.sch.uk if you have questions about admissions.


Epping Primary School Admissions Policy

We are very pleased that you are interested in requesting a place for your child at our school. The school has a Pupil Admission of 60 for each year group.

Essex County Council is ultimately responsible for ensuring that every child has a place at one of its schools, but Governors are responsible for setting down their admission criteria for parents / carers and supplying information and details of the school and its ethos. They recognise that:

  1. Parents / Carers have the right to state which school they would prefer
  2. Parents / Carers have the right to have information about the school
  3. Parents / Carers have the right to be told how schools allocate places
  4. Parents / Carers have the right to appeal against a decision not to admit a pupil to a school of their choice

Parents / carers of children with special needs are able to state their preference for a school of their choice.

LA Policy Statement

  • As required by law all infant and primary schools provide for the full-time admission of all children in the reception year group from the September following their fourth birthday. This means that you have the right to a full-time place at the school your child is offered from September.

  • The Governing Body of Epping Primary School has been able to improve the provision in order to meet the Local Authority's criteria and has received permission to admit children younger than rising-five on the following basis:

  • Autumn Term rising-fives to be admitted full-time in September after a short settling in period
  • Spring and summer born children are offered the opportunity to have a full-time place in September after a short settling in period, or parents/carers may request a part-time place or deferred place until the beginning of the term in which their child is five.  

Admissions Procedure:

Each School has a "published admission number" as stated in the Primary Education Booklet each year. Further copies are available from the Local Area Pupil Services Team.

As the number of applications to Epping Primary School sometimes exceeds capacity the following admission policy has been agreed in the event of over-subscription of places:

Places will be allocated in the following order of priority:

  • looked after children
  • children with a sibling attending the school
  • children living within the priority admission of Epping Primary School
  • children living within the priority admissions of Epping Upland C/E, Ivy Chimneys and Theydon Bois Primary Schools
  • remaining applications

In the event of over-subscription within any of the above criteria, priority will be determined by straight line distance from home to school, those living closest being given the highest priority. Exceptional medical circumstances (supported by medical evidence) may over-ride the above.


Application for Places:

Applications are dealt with directly by Essex County Council. 

To apply please click on the link below: 

Apply for a primary school place - Essex County Council

Tel: 0845 603 2200

E: admissions@essex.gov.uk

Deadline for September 2023 Starters: 15th January 2023

Appeal Against Admission Decision:

If applications have been unsuccessful there is a right of appeal to an independent appeal panel, details of which appear in the Primary Education Booklet.

Due to Government Legislation Epping Primary School cannot exceed the limit of 30 pupils in each of its classes. This safeguards the quality of learning and safety of the pupils.

 In Year Admisions

If you are a parent/carer who is new to the area and wish your child to join the school in any other year group, or at a different time of the year, please contact Essex County Council School Admissions as above.

Click here for our full Admissions Policy.