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"How is extra support allocated to pupils?"

  • Essex Local Authority allocate a certain proportion of money in the schools delegated budget as SEN funds.
  • The Headteacher, Governors (the Budget Committee), and the School Business Manager then decide the delegation of funds based on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities of the school.
  • This decision is based on a discussion with the Inclusion Manager regarding the following:
    • The numbers of pupils already receiving additional support
    • The number of pupils who are not making progress in line with their peers
    • The number of pupils who require support

Epping Primary School keeps track of all provision of pupils receiving additional support. This outlines the support each pupil in the class receives. It will state the long and short term outcomes as well as the interventions and length of time. The impact of the intervention is then reviewed termly with the Class Teacher, Inclusion Manager and parents/carers.  

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