Epping Primary School

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Digital Parent/Carer Forum (DPCF)

The DCPF is an online group to help improve communication between the school and parents/carers. Each year group has a WhatsApp group which parents and carers are encouraged to join. 

These groups will be used as a two way forum in which parents, carers and the school will discuss the school improvement plan, ideas from parents/carers on school improvement and any school issues (not personal) or concerns raised by parents/carers or the school.

Digital Champions

We would like to thank the parents/carers who have volunteered to be the Digital Champion for their child’s year group:

Year F - Alex Gallagher
Year 1 - Emma Chalmers
Year 2-  Kerrie Dale
Year 3 - Grace Lau
Year 4 - Alex Gallagher
Year 5 - Nadia Allen
Year 6 - Kerrie Dale

Joining the WhatsApp group(s)

You will have received a parent mail with your Champion's phone number so that you can contact them and ask to join the DPCF. 

We recognise that many of you will already be on a class or year group WhatsApp group but you will need to let the Champion know that you wish to join the new group as well. They will not be able to add you to the group without your permission.

For more information please see the full letter 

Digital Parent Carer Forum Letter

More information

As the DCPF discusses issues, you will find the information and relevant details below:

GDPR and the DCPF