Epping Primary School

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Physical development

Below is a summary of the key areas of coverage for the Physical Development area of Cultural Capital Development:

    1. Healthy Eating policies and catering provision;
    2. Anti-bullying and safeguarding policies and strategies;
    3. The Health Education dimension of the CPSHE programme
    4. The extra-curricular programme related to sports and well-being;
    5. The celebration of sporting achievement including personal fitness and competitive sport;
    6. Cycling proficiency training and Cycling to School Safely protocol;
    7. Activities available for unstructured time, including lunch and break times;
    8. Activity-based residentials;
    9. The curricular programme related to food preparation and nutrition;
    10. Advice & Guidance to parents on all aspects of pupil lifestyle;
    11. The promotion of walking or cycling to school.